Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama's Twitter

It has recently come to my attention that President Barack Obama has a Twitter profile, marking yet another historic first for this most progressive president.

What might a typical day of the president's tweets look like?

BARACK Overslept again because stupid blackberry alarm never works. Cabinet is giving me that look.

BARACK Can't stand the sound of Joe's voice right now. Is it lunch yet?

BARACK Someone get the president some Starbucks, STAT! lol

BARACK One of the annoying parts about being America's first black president is you can't really ask the chef for fried chicken, no matter how much you want it. >:(

BARACK Another meeting...

BARACK "Can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read my poker face..."

BARACK Finances, debt, Bernanke, etc...

BARACK Oh my God the president's been shot!!! jk


BARACK Do you ever feel like people don't really know you, even your best friends, and if they would just listen maybe they would understand you a little better?

BARACK Eating a Chick-o-Stick in front of the whole Cabinet because I don't even give a shit.

BARACK Working late. Bills, bills, bills! lol

BARACK All the halls in this place look exactly the same! I literally can't find the Oval Office right now...

BARACK Ok this is embarassing I am lost in the White House. Hello, Secret Service, I'm standing next to the painting of Alexander Hamilton or whoever. COME GET ME.

BARACK Wondering if there were ever any unmarried presidents. A young, single president of the united states, let loose on the hot women of the world.
Can you imagine???

BARACK Sitting on the deck, drinking tea, listening to "Rumors" on vinyl. Life is good.

BARACK YAWN. Sleep now...president in morning...


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