Friday, June 26, 2009

A runrant caused by runner's high

I'll just be honest get ready how about I just say it, I hate weekends, I hate the crowds of worms that poke out of their earth holes and roam up and down the sidewalk for no reason, standing on street corners for no reason, going in and out of establishments for no reason and making eye contact with me when I run by them for no reason, eye contact for no reason, absent five days then suddenly showing up in my world like they own it. I want there to be less of them, I want there to be less people, same city but less people, less blacks, less whites, less men, less women, less everyone so I can breathe my own air not theirs and I need a lot of air to breathe because I'm jogging. Misanthrope, agoraphobic, maybe maybe maybe but I like weekdays, weekday mornings, early-early monday mornings when everything is just barely open and you'd have to be crazy to be out and around, when the population level is just right because it's just me.

Since this is not the case I jog around the far outskirts of my neighborhood, swapping sidewalks back and forth, dodging purposeless pedestrians like asteroids, crows follow me on the telephone lines and caw at me for no reason, I stand on a bridge while a train blasts by under my feet and stare down its smokestack into its fiery guts just before the smog cooks my face, I think about jumping down onto it spystyle or maybe just drizzling Pollock paint onto the boxcars as they pass, then I jog home while old ladies stare at me from their living room, I jog all the way home, pausing only to meow at cats.

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