Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet Joe Regal

Well friends, I have something pretty big to tell you. Since I first started writing at the tender, nerdy age of 16, since the moment I completed the unreadable 1000-page fantasy epic that kickstarted my life of writing, I've been dreaming of the day a literary agent would look my way, pick up my book, take it out into the big scary world and get it published.

Please welcome Mr. Joe Regal of Regal Literary. As of today, Joe is my agent. He sold The Time Traveler's Wife. Now he's going to sell Warm Bodies.

There've been alot of crazy, unexpected, pleasant surprises happening with this book lately, alot of "icing", but Joe--and getting the book published--is the cake. I'm...really really excited.

More news to follow...


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