Saturday, December 13, 2008

WARM BODIES official trailer!

You know me. I don't let a little censorship and family outrage slow me down. After having my teaser trailer axed and pulled offline by the offended father of the kids I filmed, I have gone back to the drawing board, and created another one. This one is not a teaser, this is the full length official promo for WARM BODIES. Think of it as the back of a book jacket, but more fun, and with less drooling hyperbole by the publisher. Enjoy...

So my friends, we are coming down to it. Reports from my test readers are coming in, I'm working on the edits, and everything is on schedule to have this book written, printed, and beautifully bound by January 2009. Keep in mind I can ONLY PRINT 100 COPIES, so if you really want to read this book, I encourage you to PREORDER NOW. Unfortunately, as much as I like you and all, I won't be able to reserve or set aside copies for anyone, I just can't afford to risk it, so it's going to be first come first serve.

That said, I love you all very very much, and can't wait to share with you the world I've been living in for the past 8 months. Merry Christmas.

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