Friday, May 25, 2007


I don't know if this is true for the rest of America, but here in Washington State, they are really concerned about our safety. In particular, they really want us to wear our seatbelts. The state government sheds a fat, shiny tear every time someone gets hurt in a car accident, so they have made it their personal quest to make sure YOU always wear your seatbelt. This is not a suggestion, it is the law, you MUST wear that belt so that you don't hurt yourself, and to hammer home the seriousness of this law, they created this slogan, a rhyming masterpiece of locutional minimalism:


Lately, this slogan has been blinking menacingly on all the Amber Alert screens on every freeway and highway around here, followed by the announcement that they are stepping up patrols in order to utterly wipe out the non-seatbelt-wearer menace. So, given this new enthusiasm our government has for our safety, and how effective "Click It Or Ticket" has been in eliminating incidents of people not clicking it, I thought I would come up with some more clever slogans in the same spirit as the seatbelt campaign�

It's good to know our government is looking out for us. If I make sure to click it every time, they might even let me have a sleepover this weekend!

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