Friday, January 26, 2007


Behind my apartment building is a fancy restaurant called El Gaucho. I walk by this restaraunt every day to get to my car, and I've been noticing a girl who I assume is a waitress coming and going on her trashed old moped scooter. I've only actually seen her a few times, but her scooter is almost always there, parked in the back alley. So a couple days ago, while walking to my car, I stuck a post-it note on the scooter's seat. It read:

Dear Scooter,

Hi, my name is Isaac, I live in the apartments across the alley from you. Listen, no disrespect to you, you're a very attractive scooter, but I've seen your rider a few times, and I kinda like her style. Would you mind relaying this message to her, and telling her that if she ever feels like corresponding with a complete stranger, I can be reached at

Thanks, Scooter. Have a great afternoon.

-Isaac, from the apartments across the alley

So the question I have for all you people, particularly the lady types:
Cute or creepy? Charming or alarming?

Be honest now, because if no one stops me I may follow-up soon with a "Dear Scooter, did you deliver that message like I asked you to? Listen you rusty aluminum son of a bitch..."

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